New Bill Would Help Cancer Patients Pay for Wigs

08-18-2017 8:27 AM

In observance of National Hair Loss Awareness Month in August, we share news of a recently introduced bill seeking  Medicare coverage for wigs an exciting step forward for women’s health.

The bill, H.R. 2925, introduced June 15, would provide coverage for wigs as durable medical  equipment under the Medicare program as long as a doctor certifies it as medically necessary.

Some cancer treatments cause women to lose all or part of their hair. Hair loss can be an extremely difficult part of treatment.

Many private insurance companies already offer wig coverage for patients undergoing cancer treatment. However, many women on Medicare struggle to afford the cost of a wig without insurance help. Because of this, some even choose a different treatment plan to avoid hair loss.

“This bill is significant for women with cancer in two ways,” explains Jeanna Doyle, author of Wig Ed and founder of the nonprofit Suite HOPE (Helping Oncology Patients Esthetically) . “First, Medicare coverage of wigs for the millions of women experiencing hair loss due to treatment will reduce their cost during treatment. Second, acknowledging that how we feel about how we look is important, affects us all. 

“For women experiencing hair loss, wigs can be crucial to resuming their daily activities with confidence. Wigs also offer privacy for women who are experiencing hair loss as a result of a medical condition or treatment.”

Learn more about H.R. 2925 here. Track the bill’s progress or get information to voice your support here.

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Diane Montgomery is a contributing editor for The Mary Kay Foundation℠. She has been writing for The Foundation for 15 years and has loved every minute. She is passionate about supporting efforts to end cancers that affect women and domestic abuse. Contact her at: