Boys Need to See Real Men

11-03-2016 9:39 AM

If you need some good news in our sex-saturated, rape culture, I have some today.

Men are becoming more involved than ever in the solution.

Whether it’s domestic violence or sexual assault, men are stepping forward to be the change.

Recently, Mary Kay surveyed 850 domestic violence organizations nationwide. This 2016 Truth About Abuse Survey revealed that nine out of 10 participating agencies do involve men in domestic violence prevention.

  • 78 percent of participants think that male role models can help break the abuse cycle
  • 86 percent of domestic violence organizations have recruited male volunteers
  • 78 percent have hired men on staff

We’re proud to highlight the Blackburn Center of Pennsylvania this week for its program, Men as Allies.

The Blackburn Center also happens to be one of our 2016 shelter grant recipients.

The Men as Allies group seeks out men in the community who want to be change agents to help end domestic violence.

The men will be encouraged in four areas:

  • Awareness: know themselves and how their beliefs and behaviors impact gender violence in the culture;

  • Knowledge/Education: learn about male privilege and assumptions about masculinity;

  • Skills: be comfortable sharing this knowledge and equipped to challenge preconceived ideas supporting gender violence; and

  • Action: engage in ongoing dialogue about these issues in groups of men and women.

If you know of a shelter with a male mentor program, we’d love to hear about it!

Stacy Graves is contributing editor of The Mary Kay Foundation℠ blog. Stacy is especially concerned about male attitudes toward women as she raises two boys. You can connect with her at, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest.