The Happiest Place on Earth

07-25-2016 9:28 AM

Editor's Note: Some may claim the happiest place on earth is Disney Land. But I bet they've never been to a Mary Kay Seminar! July is the time of year when nearly 30,000 Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants come into Dallas for a little R&R. That's recognition and rewards at Mary Kay.

Talk About First Impressions!

Mary Kay's entrance onto the Seminar stage became legendary.

Once, she came on stage in a horse-drawn carriage. Another time, a touring Rolls Royce. Yet another time, she descended 30 feet to look like she came down in a hot air balloon.

The Man Behind It

If you know your Mary Kay history, you know Ron Trammell was the creative genius behind these grand entrances. Because Mary Kay liked show business, she would go along with nearly anything he came up with!

We hope you enjoy these memories from Ron Trammell that we've pulled from the archive. Ron joined Mary Kay in 1965, created the special events department in 1979 and retired as vice president in 2011. Even though he died in 2014, he still inspires people who remember his brilliant creativity and bigger-than-life personality.

Six Hours and 3,000 Photos.

"She used to stay after Seminar for anybody who wanted her picture made. Over the course of a few years all the flash bulbs started deteriorating some of her eye sight, but the last time we did pictures in the arena, we had 3,000 people. She stood there for six hours and had her picture made with every one of them, spoke to every one of them and made them feel special. That’s just the unique person she was. No matter who you are, no matter what level you’re at, she would really make you feel like a special person."

The Friends of Tyme

In the early years, we only did one Seminar. So we had some popular entertainers like John Davidson. As we got into multiple shows, we decided the cost of keeping the celebrities in town was too high. So Mary Kay came up with the idea of replacing the big name entertainment with a dance group called "The Friends of Tyme."

Amazing Growth

Seminar started out small in hotels, and then we grew to the convention center. When we outgrew the Convention Center, she didn’t want to turn anybody away, so that’s when we started doing multiple Seminars.