Eyewear: How Function Meets Fashion During Cancer Treatment

01-07-2016 9:48 AM

When it comes to eyewear: function can meet fashion.

Whether you need prescription glasses or not, you might want to opt-in on eyewear if you are undergoing chemotherapy.

The Function: Protection From the Elements
If you are undergoing cancer treatment, you may experience shedding eyebrows and eyelashes. With the loss of eyelashes, you also lose the layer of protection they add from dust particles, sweat and even UV light. Glasses offer an added layer of protection that may be worth trying, even if you do not need a prescription.

When selecting frames, make sure the top part of the frame does not run through or cut into your crease or expression line of your eyelid. The glasses should be tall enough to clear this area or people will struggle to read your expression. And they won't be able to see your perfectly polished shadow.

The Fashion: A Flare of Color
You can also add some color and balance to your face with a well-chosen pair of frames.

If you lose your eyelashes, you may want the frames to have color -- perhaps complimenting a great lipstick. A nice pair of frames will give your eyes an opportunity to relax behind the lens and help create a barrier from dust and debris.

Well-chosen eyewear can also help draw attention away from the under eye area. Try a solid colored frame to redirect the attention away from that area. Opt for lenses that allow others to see the expressiveness of your eyes.

The Finishing Touches
When applying makeup for eyeglass wearers, make sure you blend well. Focus especially in the area your prescription magnifies your eyes, which is different whether you are nearsighted or farsighted. Pay close attention to how the makeup looks once you put your glasses on. You may need to adjust the application depending on where the magnification falls or if the frames cast shadows on your eye shadow. Remember: shimmer or light colors reflect light, so use that to your advantage.

Don't forget to create a well-defined eyebrow to balance the eye.

If you are not used to wearing glasses, keep the concealer thin and blot dry as the lenses can hold moisture under the eye. That moisture could cause mascara and excess product to cling to this area. If the moisture becomes a problem and causes flaking, consider waterproof mascara.

With these few tips you can create a functional fashionable look that will have all eyes on you!

So here's looking at you gorgeous!

Jeanna Doyle holds a master’s license in cosmetology and is a certified medical aesthetician and clinical oncology esthetician. She’s led an impressive career in medical, fashion and advertising. Most recently, she’s the founder of SuiteHOPE (Helping Oncology Patients Esthetically). She has also developed The HOPE Method, a training curriculum for providing corrective makeup on cancer patients. This is the first course of its kind approved by the International Society of Oncology Estheticians. Look for information about Jeanna's new book coming soon!