13 Tips for Women's Success

11-09-2015 10:19 AM

Editor's Note: This was from a book of essays that Mary Kay Ash wrote and had printed. In 1990, she sent it as a Christmas gift to Independent Sales Directors. In 1991, the book became a prize for independent sales force members.

God gave women special qualities, and I think He requires more of us. Everything we attempt should exhibit our most sincere effort. Here are some rules for your success in making this happen.

  1. Study to do your job better than it has ever been done.

  2. Remember that you are your company! Everything you do or say is a reflection of you!

  3. Help to develop a strong "we" spirit in your family or business.

  4. Ask yourself every morning, "What can I do today to be more helpful to others?"

  5. Always be on "on-the-ball."

  6. Be generous in giving credit to others for their ideas.

  7. Turn obstacles into opportunities. Accept your troubles, and use them!

  8. Find something to like in every person you meet.

  9. Read everything you can about your business to stay informed.

  10. Do a full day's work every day.

  11. Look for shortcuts to efficiency.

  12. "Give yourself away" to those around you.

  13. Finally, stay feminine. Remember if you look successful, you will have a better chance of becoming successful!

I have a premonition that soars on silver wings,
It is a dream of your accomplishment of many wondrous things,
I do not know beneath which sky or where you'll challenge fate,
I only know it will be high,
I only know it will be GREAT!
Author Unknown