In Her Own Words

07-27-2015 10:13 AM

Mary Kay Ash on Seminar

From July 15 through Aug. 1, Mary Kay's 2015 Seminar will take place. We thought you'd enjoy hearing these thoughts from Mary Kay herself on why she created this amazing event that draws more than 30,000 independent sales force members to Dallas every year.

Three-Day Spectacular

The annual Seminar is the most important event in the Mary Kay year. This is the time at which individual Consultants and Directors come together to share and acknowledge accomplishments. And we’re not talking about a simple “company convention.” Seminar is a multimillion-dollar extravaganza that has been called an Academy Awards, Miss America Pageant, and Broadway opening all rolled into one. Seminar has dazzling awards, competition, drama and entertainment.

Praising People to Success

Seminar is the ultimate expression of a very simple concept – praise people to success. Let people know that you appreciate them and their performance, and they’ll respond by doing even better. Applause and the recognition it represents are among the world’s most powerful forces.

Applause is a powerful form of praise. Consider the price actors and actresses are willing to pay for recognition, that one chance in a thousand to “make it to the top.” And those who do get an opportunity to perform in front of live audiences must repeat the same lines night after night. Why do they do it? For the applause they receive from an appreciative audience! Although the top stars are well paid, I’m sure it’s more than the love of money that motivates them to excellence.

Awarding Luxurious Prizes

The power of positive motivation in a goal-oriented structure such as ours cannot be overstated. This is what inspires our Beauty Consultants to maximize their true potentials. Mary Kay is known for giving much more than ribbons to those who achieve their goals. In addition to pink Cadillacs, we award such luxuries as diamond rings and fabulous trips abroad. A diamond bumblebee is the ultimate symbol of recognition at Mary Kay. It’s the “crown jewel,” and its recipient is recognized as a queen. These special tributes are presented at Seminar to super achievers in sales, recruiting and unit performance. On Awards Night, the emcee will announce the winners and present them in a manner similar to the Miss America coronation.

Taking the Stage

How important are these brief stage appearances? Frankly, I think it means more for a woman to be recognized by her peers onstage than to receive an expensive present in the mail that nobody knows about! And once she gets a taste of this recognition, she wants to come back next year for more!