Tell A Woman!

11-25-2013 10:00 PM

When I joined the Company, I remember Mary Kay Ash joking about the three ways to communicate:  telegraph, telephone and tell-a-woman.

Today, we have so many ways to communicate -- texting, emailing, blogging, social media and so on.  But doesn’t most of it go back to telling a woman?!

I know I can’t wait to tell my friends about my current favorite gelato, handbag, song or skin care product!  Whether I tell them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or in person, I’m still communicating.

In a sense, that’s what The Mary Kay Foundation Ambassador Program is all about:  getting women to tell people about The Mary Kay Foundation. 

We know that personal testimonies can build a base of customers, fans or supporters.  That’s how Mary Kay Ash built Mary Kay Inc. and The Mary Kay Foundation.

That’s why we’re asking for independent sales force members who are willing to spread the word about the Foundation.

Independent Future Executive Senior Sales Director Gwen Ristow is one of these ambassadors.  She’s passionate about The Mary Kay Foundation because she’s a breast cancer survivor and her husband passed away of brain cancer.

She’s also seen the heartache and pain domestic violence causes as she’s testified for friends in custody hearings.

“Lipstick is just a segment of what we do,” Gwen says.  “Mary Kay Inc. is about so much more than cosmetics.  It’s making a difference for women in so many ways.”

Independent Beauty Consultant Penny DiBrito is another ambassador. 

Because of a difficult first marriage, she wants to end violence against women.  She also wants to support cancer research because she’s seen so many of her friends battle the horrible disease.

“I believe that although my donations are small, they are mighty,” DiBrito says. 

Both Gwen and Penny are spreading the living legacy of Mary Kay Ash through fundraisers and awareness. And you can too.  Learn more about becoming a Mary Kay Foundation Ambassador.

Stacy Frye Graves is managing editor of The Mary Kay Foundation blog.  She’s loved Mary Kay since she began work for the Company in 1994. After getting married and moving from Dallas, she became freelance in 1998. You can reach her at or follow her on Pinterest: