Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

08-07-2017 8:51 AM

… but so are sapphires, rubies, emeralds and even rhinestones!

Editor’s note: Mary Kay Seminar 2017 just ended. And it always involves jewelry! In honor of Seminar, we bring you Nancy Thomason’s reflections on Mary Kay Ash and her jewelry.

Mary Kay Ash wasn’t a person of luxuries. She had diamonds, but she also had a lot of costume jewelry she loved. It didn’t have to be worth a lot of money for her to like it.

I remember many times Mary Kay got home in the evening and would call back to the office.

She spoke to Erma Thomson, then Executive Special Assistant to the Chairman of the Board.

Mary Kay to Erma: Oh, I’m missing one earring. Would you see if it’s by the phone?

Erma: Which one is it? Is it carats we’re talking about or rhinestones or what?

She had to ask because Mary Kay had all kinds of jewelry. If she liked it, she liked it.

Once Erma found out which earring Mary Kay needed, I took it to Mary Kay’s house before heading home for the evening.

Mary Kay had fun coloring her diamonds too.

She had a large diamond ring. If she had on a pink dress, she’d take out a magic marker and color the diamond pink.

She got the biggest kick out of doing that — especially when people would say, “Well, I’ve never seen a pink diamond or a blue diamond.”

She’d just smile.

She even taught that trick to Liberace.


Nancy Thomason served as Mary Kay Ash’s personal protection officer for years. She currently serves as Executive Project Specialist and Board Member for The Mary Kay Foundation.℠ If you want more by Nancy, see An Insider's Guide to Mary Kay's Round House, Mary Kay Liked it Hot! and How I Learned Graciousness from Mary Kay and a Lemon.