Seminar: Where Dreams Come True!

07-31-2017 8:22 AM

Mary Kay Inc.’s Seminar is going on now with about 30,000 attending.

Nobody describes this event better than Mary Kay Ash herself. Here are her words from 1974.

Our wonderful Mary Kay world springs into action at Seminar. After months of planning, working, and dreaming, Seminar is the ultimate celebration to honor all who attend.

Believe this! Our Mary Kay Enthusiasm song takes on a staggering new dimension when sung by the thousands.

Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants come from nearly every corner of the world via plane, car or bus. They’ve made it their goal to absorb all the motivation, education, inspiration, and information they can find from the staff and other successful independent sales force members.

Seminar is intangible as well as tangible.

Jennifer Cook, Mary Kay Museum Director Emeritus, recalls some of the intangible.

No matter how many times I saw Mary Kay step onto the Seminar stage, I had tears in my eyes. I felt overwhelmed by Mary Kay’s influence as I looked at the sea of women. These were mothers that could stay home with their children. Career women who found a positive environment. Bored women found social fulfillment. And insecure women found personal growth.

That’s what enriching lives is all about.