Six Resources for Domestic Violence You Can Use!

07-19-2017 8:49 AM

You may not realize that The Mary Kay Foundation℠ offers six brochures that you can download and print. You are free to share these with friends, customers, family members or anyone needing some help with domestic violence.

To safeguard a survivor’s privacy, we ask that you don’t email or mail the brochure to anyone who may be dealing with domestic violence.

Be Safe, Be Sensible, Be Prepared

You’ll find more than 80 tips on:

  • How to protect yourself in an emergency
  • How to protect yourself inside and outside the home
  • How to make your children safer
  • How to make yourself safer at work
  • How to use the law to help
  • How to be safe at the courthouse

Domestic Violence Pamphlet

An educational brochure that helps women:

  • Identify types of abuse
  • Plan for safety
  • Help friends in need
  • Educate others on the facts about domestic violence

Healthy Relationships: A Guide to Dating Violence

  • Questions to ask yourself to help identify an unhealthy relationship
  • Dating safety tips
  • Tech safety tips
  • What you can to help friends or your community

Safety for Kids

This brochure is written just for kids, using graphics and kid-friendly language.

  • Helps kids know what domestic violence looks like
  • What to do when the fighting starts
  • How to get help
  • Reassures them the violence is not their fault

The Mary Kay Foundation℠ Brochure

This brochure introduces people to the purpose of The Mary Kay Foundation,℠ its history and how anyone can get involved.

Mary Kay Truth About Abuse Survey 2015

You can use this infographic to help educate people on the prevalence of domestic violence.

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Stacy Graves is a contributing editor of The Mary Kay Foundation℠ blog and website. She and her husband, Glen, are raising two teen boys. She’s passionate about everything Mary Kay. You can connect with her by her website or LinkedIn.