Mary Kay Ash and One of Her Favorite Foods

07-17-2017 8:23 AM

In honor of National Hot Dog Day, July 19, we bring you some stories about Mary Kay Ash and one of her favorite foods!

Mary Kay Ash loved the simple things in life. The hot dog was one of those things.

Nancy Thomason, Executive Project Specialist and Board Member for The Mary Kay Foundation,℠ remembers many times when Mary Kay chose hot dogs from a street vendor over gourmet meals in her hotel suite.

In Canada

While attending Seminar, Mary Kay spotted a hot dog street vendor. So she sent Nancy to get hot dogs for them to eat in her presidential hotel suite.

In Atlanta

Nancy remembers they always ate at The Varsity, well-known for its hot dogs.

“When the limo pulled up to The Varsity, children would press their faces to the darkened windows to see who might be in the limo,” Nancy recalls. “After one late evening, the limo driver went to The Varsity and had the hot dogs delivered to Mary Kay’s hotel suite. She thought he was the best limo driver!”

In New York

Nancy remembers traveling with Mary Kay for some media interviews.  As they rode in the limo, Mary Kay spotted a hot dog vendor. If the light turned red near the vendor, she would say, “I’d sure like a hot dog.”

“That’s when someone in the car would run across the street and try to get as many hot dogs as we needed and get back to the car before the light changed,” Nancy says.

At Home in Dallas

Mary Kay Independent National Sales Director Pam Tull shared this story at the 1992 Career Conference.

Mary Kay invited all new Independent Sales Directors to her house when the Company was smaller.

Pam remembers feeling very nervous. But Mary Kay was so gracious and invited everyone to look around the house wherever they wanted.  Pam remembers most of the women looking at ball gowns and shoes. But she snuck away to the kitchen. She wanted to see what Mary Kay ate!

When she opened the freezer, she found nothing but hot dogs. Pam asked Mary Kay if she was preparing for a barbeque.

“No,” Mary Kay said, “I just love hot dogs.”

Editor’s note: Yes, we know hot dogs aren’t the healthiest food choice. We wrote about processed meats here. Everything in moderation! And be sure to try the nitrate-free hot dogs now available.