Six Ways Mary Kay Made People Feel Important

07-10-2017 9:36 AM

Mary Kay Ash wrote the book on how to make people feel important. (Mary Kay on People Management is still just as relevant today as when she initially wrote it in 1984.) And we could all benefit from learning how she did it! So here are some examples of her in action.


  1. Mary Kay always talked to the kitchen staff and service people when she walked through those areas. And she often did to escape the crowded halls of hotels and convention centers. Nancy Thomason, Mary Kay Day, 2005.

  2. After Mary Kay had her photo taken with each new Independent Sales Director, she signaled me to come down for a picture. Feeling unworthy, I shook my head no. But her next signal was insistent, so I did — and felt so special. Kathy Boone, September 2003.

  3. When Mary Kay visited our Southwest Distribution office, I warmly greeted her and thanked her for permitting senior citizens to work for this Company. She smiled and said, “Why not? I’m one.” Maxine Robinson, Mary Kay Ash Memories and Milestones, 2001.

  4. During the Perfect Attendance Ceremony one year, I approached Mary Kay to sign her Mary Kay on People Management book. I knew she couldn’t possibly remember my name. We had more than 100 winners that year. She was very gracious. She looked up at me and said, “Now, how do you spell your name?” I just thought that was the classiest way of finding out my name and still making me feel important. Claudia Khan, Mary Kay Ash Memories and Milestones, 2001.

  5. I remember her listening to me attentively. Then she said, “You know, you have a very important job. You are a very important person, and you will do a great job working with my Spanish-speaking daughters.” Her words made me feel so good. Liz Zuckerman-Landa, Mary Kay Ash Memories and Milestones, 2004.

  6. I went to Career Conference with Mary Kay in 1994. Somehow she found out it was my birthday. So she decorated the plane with balloons and a banner and brought a cake. As I walked on the plane, everyone sang happy birthday to me. She made me feel so special. Debby Hennebury, Mary Kay Ash Memories and Milestones, 2004.

Do you have a story about Mary Kay Ash or someone else making you feel special? Share your story. We’d love to hear it!