Mary Kay Independent Sales Force Members Pamper Women Undergoing Cancer Treatment

06-23-2017 9:16 AM

The rigors of cancer treatment can affect women on every level emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

For Mary Kay Independent Sales Director Linda Leonard-Thompson, there’s a loving passion and strong commitment to help cancer patients look and feel better while they are facing these critical challenges. She knows what she’s doing.

After battling breast cancer three years ago, she resolved to aid other women walking the path she once traveled.

“When I was going through cancer, I figured out ways to look my best, which helped me feel better. For example, I learned how to give myself eyebrows and the illusion of eyelashes,” explains Linda. “Once my treatment was complete, I decided to help other women going through cancer.”

For the past three years, Linda and her big-hearted team of Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants have volunteered their hearts and hands to pamper women who have undergone cancer treatment.

At A Day of Healing and Beauty held annually at CentraState Medical Center in Freehold, New Jersey, they treat the women to skin care and glamour tips, Satin Hands® treatments, makeovers, pink boas and sparkly crowns. They top it off with genuine warmth and caring and goodie bags brimming with Mary Kay® products so the women can recreate their makeover looks and feel beautiful.

Deb Turi-Smith, oncology social worker and event organizer comments, “When a patient gets undivided caring attention, it becomes transformative for both the giver and the receiver. A cancer patient’s experience with makeup can also be transformational. It’s so powerful to watch what happens at these healing events.

“It’s phenomenal to see the beautiful service these generous Mary Kay independent sales force members provide for cancer patients! I can feel their hearts want to make a difference, and, in turn, they are moved and thankful for the opportunity to give back.”

Helping Becomes Turning Point

For one volunteer in particular, this healing day represented a turning point a coming full circle in her own cancer journey.

Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant Donna Sanchez, a breast cancer survivor, personally benefited from Linda’s assistance and encouragement throughout her cancer treatment in 2016.

Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant Donna Sanchez

“Linda became a support sister when I faced difficult times,” says Donna. “She helped me learn how to create eyebrows and lashes when mine fell out even mailing me an eyebrow stencil kit. She sent information and encouraged me as I dealt with chemotherapy side effects. I’m so thankful my Mary Kay family stayed by my side each step of the way. Our sisterhood runs so deep.

“It means the world to me to be able to help other women now!” continues Donna, who spread love to her nurses and caregivers during her chemotherapy. Despite her challenges, she distributed joy each week with goodie bags, gift baskets, chocolates, flowers and cards containing uplifting quotes from Mary Kay Ash to nurses and medical staff aiding her.

Linda and her team can hardly wait for the next A Day of Healing and Beauty. “Giving back made us all feel good.” she adds. “We are all so thankful we can be part of this event, making a positive difference for women!”

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