The Wednesday Report: 2017 Conference on Crimes Against Women

06-07-2017 9:04 AM

The Mary Kay Foundation℠ recently sponsored the 2017 Conference on Crimes Against Women in downtown Dallas.

Hosted by the Dallas Police Department and Genesis Women’s Shelter and Support, this unique conference brought more than 2,200 professionals from all 50 states, Canada, Bermuda, Germany, Japan and South Korea.

Only professionals working in the field of women’s crime could attend. Law enforcement officers. Prosecution attorneys. Social workers. Probation and parole officers. Campus safety professionals. Medical personnel who may work directly with crime victims. Therapists. Advocates. Women’s shelter directors and counselors.

In this one-of-kind conference, professionals learned the newest ideas, best practices, and successful intervention strategies for a variety of crimes against women. You’ll notice that human trafficking is a topic addressed in several classes. Many of you have expressed an interest in this issue. Domestic violence and human trafficking can also overlap. Read more about this at

Attendees chose among 155 classes, workshops, and computer labs from a wide range of topics including these listed.

We look forward to bringing you more blogs specifically about some of these conference topics in the future.

We’d love to hear which topics you find most interesting.

Stacy Graves is a contributing editor of The Mary Kay Foundation℠ blog and website. She and her husband, Glen, are raising two teen boys. She’s worked in some type of communication role for Mary Kay Inc. or The Mary Kay Foundation since 1994 — loving every minute. She’s passionate about everything Mary Kay. You can connect with her by her website or LinkedIn.