Cancer News and How It Affects You

05-17-2017 9:09 AM

Welcome to The Wednesday Report. This week, we’re giving you the top headlines in cancer news and how it might affect you.

The breast cancer doctors missed. Inflammatory breast cancer made international headlines this month when a Texas mom of two told her story. When Jennifer Cordts noticed a rash on her breast — much like a sunburn — she got medical help. Unfortunately, the mammogram showed no lump and no tumor. And her lab work returned normal. So, no diagnosis. When the redness didn’t go away, she turned to the Internet. After pressing her doctors for more answers, she was finally diagnosed with stage four, inflammatory breast cancer. That diagnosis came nearly one year after her initial symptoms. You can see her entire story here.

What you can learn. Unfortunately, inflammatory breast cancer symptoms mimic other diseases and conditions. That’s why doctors miss it. We want to spread the word about the symptoms. Women, trust your instincts. Don’t be afraid to get a second opinion. And know the signs. For more information, to

Can a bra help with early detection? Maybe. I read about two types this week.

Bra inserts. The iTBra inserts, by Cyrcadia Health, may be ready for market launch in Asia in late 2017 or early 2018. The iTBra consists of two wearable breast patches, which can fit inside any bra, that detect temperature changes within breast tissue. Heat changes within breasts can be a very early sign of cancer. This new technology offers advantages especially to women with dense breasts. Mammograms can often miss small tumor growth in dense breasts.

The U.S. FDA has already approved the itBra sensors. Clinical trials in the U.S. show an 80 percent accuracy rate of detecting tumors, which compares with mammography. So why the launch in Asia first? Seventy percent of Asian women have dense breast tissue, which leads to a higher tendency to develop breast cancer. That compares to only 40 percent in the western population. However, Cyrcadia expects to launch in North America shortly after the Asian launch. You can read the entire press release here.

Teen boy invents smart bra in honor of his mom. Everybody loves a feel-good news story. And that’s exactly the story of Julián Ríos Cantú. This 18-year-old boy won the top prize at the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards for creating an intelligent bra that can help detect breast cancer. The reason? He almost lost his mom to breast cancer. Don’t look for the bra anytime soon as it hasn’t gone through any clinical trials. But you read all about it here.

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