Expect Great Things and Great Things Will Happen

04-24-2017 8:44 AM

Many times, the things we fear most happen because we expect them to happen.

Fortunately, the opposite is also true. When we expect great things, great things will happen!

Abundance surrounds us, and we can draw it to us by expecting it.

The physical body responds to the mind’s commands. It is said that from the shoulders down, we are worth about $40. But from the shoulders up, we each own a computer more marvelous than anything human beings have been able to devise. It’s impossible to estimate the value of the human mind.

Conrad Hilton expected great things long before he became the founder of Hilton Hotels, one of the greatest hotel empires in the world. In 1931, Conrad was a busboy without a dime. He read an article about the fabulous new Waldorf Hotel being built in New York with hundreds of luxurious rooms, red velvet carpets and magnificent chandeliers. He cut that article out of the newspaper and began to dream of owning the hotel.

When he finally acquired a desk job, he placed that article under the glass cover on his desk to remind him of his ultimate goal. Years later, he bought that hotel! This truly is an American free enterprise story of a man who drew abundance to him by expecting it!

Expect great things, and great things will happen to you!