12 Great Gifts for Cancer Patients

12-15-2016 8:37 AM

“C” Warrior Tracy Brown Shares the Best Presents She’s Received

There are some good things that happen when you have the "C" word. One is presents. Lots and lots of presents. When I come home to a random package, my day always brightens up. It really doesn't even matter what is inside. I just know someone loves me.

The only thing I have requested — but still not gotten — is a maid that looks like Channing Tatum. Can someone work on that, please?!

You may know someone who’s going through the “C” word right now. And you want to help. But you just don’t know what to do. And honestly, I find it hard to shoot straight and say what I really want sometimes.

But today I’m sharing some of the most helpful gifts I’ve received through my “C” journey. These aren’t in any specific order.

  1. My favorite thing is time with people. Just hanging out at home with family and friends.
  2. Restaurant gift cards. That way, I can get food when I need it. I live in the south, where people love to bring meals. And honestly, sometimes it’s more than I can eat at the time. I feel guilty throwing out food my friends worked so hard to make for me.
  3. Queasy Drops/Pops or hard candy. Chemo puts a terrible metal taste in your mouth. And yes, I know sugar is bad for cancer, but sometimes you’ve got to get through the day. I really enjoyed red Jolly Ranchers!
  4. Pajamas. Sometimes I can spend a couple of days in my pajamas. Chemo can cause hot flashes, so sometimes I need to change my pajamas a couple times a night. You cannot have too many pajamas.
  5. Lap desk. I love to take this to treatment, so I can continue to work. Anything that allows me to keep doing what I normally do is awesome! Thanks Maricka!
  6. Little notebooks and pens. Chemo brain is real! I must write everything down.
  7. Chill Towel. These are amazing for hot flashes! You can find lots of different brands at sport stores. Thanks Kim!
  8. Buff Wear. This isn’t underwear, by the way. I had never heard of Buff Wear before one arrived at my house one day! It looks like a circle of fabric, so be sure to read the instructions. You can wrap it around your head different ways. I love to sleep in my Buff or just wear it around the house. Plus, I can throw it in the laundry with a load of towels. Thanks Colleen!
  9. Satin pillow cases. I got this tip from my fabulous oncology aesthetician, Jeanna Doyle-Ruhl. When your hair falls out, your head can be a little sensitive.
  10. Stencils to draw on my eyebrows. Without these, I just can’t get both sides to look the same! Thanks Lori!
  11. Photographs. This is another “best” on the list. My photographer friend has taken photos since Day 1 of my “C” journey. She captured me before my hair fell out, the first day of treatment, the day I shaved my head and now that I’m bald. Thanks Katelyn!
  12. And honestly, some days I just wish someone would clean my house. You know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, you probably don’t have kids.

Tracy Brown is a wife, mom, inspirational speaker and Mary Kay Independent Sales Director in South Carolina. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy and will follow with radiation and two surgeries. She also loves to make people laugh. Follow her on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram.