Our Tribute to Marcy Kurtz, Founder of Peach Outreach

12-08-2016 8:49 AM

Some of you may have met Marcy Kurtz at The Mary Kay Foundation’s Seminar Expo Booth in 2014 and/or 2015.

Mary Kay Ash and Marcy Kurtz never met. But they would have been fast friends.

Both believed one person could change things.

Both were strong women who didn’t back down in the face of challenges.

Both used their circumstances to make the future better for others.

Both had a passion for fighting women’s cancer. Marcy fought both breast and uterine cancer during her lifetime.

That’s why we pay tribute to Marcy and her legacy, Peach Outreach, in today’s blog.

Marcy founded Peach Outreach after battling recurrent uterine cancer to help others know the signs and get early treatment.

That’s just one example of how she lived life big.

Marcy was a partner and leader at her law firm for 34 years. She mentored young women personally and professionally.

She was an incredible athlete. Not only did she run marathons, she became an extraordinary yoga instructor. Even during cancer treatment, she taught yoga — sometimes from a chair when she wasn’t feel well.

Marcy passionately gave back to the community in all these areas.

She went beyond status quo. She never took no for an answer. Marcy knew her presence made a difference.

So even if you never met Marcy, you can learn from her legacy.

  1. You matter.
  2. Your voice makes a difference.
  3. Speak up for what you believe in.
  4. Show up big. Greatness doesn’t come from the easy or convenient.
  5. Join with others to make a difference.

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Special thanks to Marcy’s sister, Dale Kurtz, and Nancy Sheridan, family friend, for their contributions to this tribute.