Nancy Thomason Shares How Mary Kay Practiced the Golden Rule Even When It's Not Convenient

10-31-2016 9:26 AM

Editor's note: Nancy Thomason is back by popular demand! You love her stories, and I know you'll enjoy this one just as much.

Mary years ago, we were in California for Mary Kay to accept a prestigious business award. As we left for the award presentation, we saw a woman standing right outside the hotel. Dressed in well-worn clothes, she appeared in need of some help.

The woman came up to Mary Kay, who was dressed in an elegant, floor-length, evening gown, and asked for a ride across town. Without hesitation, Mary Kay invited her into our waiting limousine.

I’m sure Mary Kay knew what I was thinking. I was concerned about security. We knew nothing about this woman. We had no idea where she wanted to go. We didn't even know if this stop would make Mary Kay late for the awards presentation!

Mary Kay looked at me, reached out, patted my hand, and said, "Nancy, everything will be fine."

As always, Mary Kay was right. Our guest's final destination was near Mary Kay's awards presentation. As this woman exited the limousine, she expressed her heartfelt appreciation to Mary Kay for being so kind.

Mary Kay lived her life by the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. She truly believed the Golden Rule was the secret of a happy, fulfilled life. That's why she lived her life by the Golden Rule on a daily basis.

If you question how to deal with a situation, simply put yourself in the place of the other person. Then treat that person as you would want to be treated.

Nancy Thomason currently serves as Executive Project Specialist and Board Member for The Mary Kay Foundation.℠ She just celebrated her 35th work anniversary! If you want more by Nancy, see An Insider's Guide to Mary Kay's Round House, Mary Kay Liked it Hot! and How I Learned Graciousness from Mary Kay and a Lemon.