Rachel Rogers celebrates her great-grandmothers 20 year legacy

08-15-2016 9:27 AM

Editor's note: Rachel is Mary Kay Ash's great-granddaughter through Ben Rogers. She spoke at all four of The Mary Kay Foundation℠ Ambassador breakfasts during Mary Kay Inc.'s Seminar 2016. We've adapted her speech here for those of you who missed it — or just want to see the story again!

I am so excited to be here to help celebrate the Foundation’s 20th anniversary. I know if my great-grandmother were here, she would be speaking to you instead of me. I know she would be so proud of how far the Foundation has come and the role you play in its growth.

Thank you for all your commitment and hard work to the Foundation and its two causes. Each of you has your own reason for being here – because I have learned there is a reason for wanting to help. And it is always personal. For my great-grandmother, it was watching members of our sales force and staff suffer with cancer. For me, it is honoring her memory. But I have become even more involved since hearing your stories here at Seminar.

I am sure all of you want to hear a Mary Kay story. My favorite memory of Mary Kay happened at Seminar. I always loved coming to Seminar when I was young. I loved dressing up and visiting with Mary Kay. I was a figure skater, and I would bring tapes of my performances with me. When Mary Kay wasn’t busy, we would go into her “green” room and watch my tapes. She would always say the most encouraging things, “That is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.” “Keep doing that.” “Please bring me more tapes to watch.” She always gave me a confidence.

And of course, I remember those Thanksgiving dinners at her house. She was always busy in the kitchen, making food, just like any grandmother. There we were in big, magnificent, pink mansion – and my great-grandmother was in the kitchen.

That’s what makes Mary Kay appeal to everyone. She was such a real person.

With those memories, I am glad to be a part of her legacy. As her Ambassadors, you are helping to fulfill her dream of a world built on giving and caring for others.

It is my pleasure to be here with you. Thank you for letting me share my heart with you.