8 Beautiful Reasons I Love Seminar

08-11-2016 9:33 AM

Every summer, Mary Kay Inc.'s Seminar falls on or near my birthday in early August.

I love volunteering in The Mary Kay Foundation℠ booth each year at Seminar. So I consider it a birthday present to myself.

The reason? I get to see great people. Whether it's meeting someone for the first time or seeing someone I worked with 20 years ago, I feel like I'm unwrapping a present as the conversation unfolds.

Today, I'm sharing some treasures of Seminar 2016.

Rachel Madson Zarling. Rachel is an Independent Beauty Consultant who wrote guest blogs for us in 2014 on emotional abuse and reasons to volunteer at your local DV shelter. We've talked on the phone, shared many emails and followed each other on social media. I've seen photos of her adorable son, watched her travel to the beach and back, followed her mom blog, and cheered from afar when she threw out the first pitch at her Pink at the Park® event. So thrilled to get a face-to-face hug this Seminar! She's a beauty inside and out!

Jessica Bair. She's so much like her great grandmother, Mary Kay Ash. Beautiful, warm and smart. I met Jessica for the first time last Seminar and worked with her on a couple of guest blogs. Loved seeing her in person and hearing her news about Lyla Ash! If you missed the announcement, you can see the entire video here.

Diane Montgomery. She writes Inspiring Stories for www.marykayfoundation.org. We've met and worked together before, but I loved the chance I got to sit down and visit over a cookie!

Jane Kutscherousky and Jill Smith Tuttle. We go back 20-some years working in Mary Kay Inc.'s Human Resources Department. Jill and I had side-by-side offices, and Jane was nearby. The three of us have experienced weddings, baby showers and too many Mary Kay events to count. So I was thrilled when I got to see the two of them in a fashion show in the Expo Hall. I think they get prettier as the years go by.

Jeanna Doyle. We "met" over email in 2015, and Jeanna wrote several guest blogs for us. We didn't plan to meet at Seminar. Yet we just happened to both work the Foundation's booth the same day! Jeanna gave a fabulous presentation about her new book, WigEd at the Mary Kay Expo. You'll be hearing more about her upcoming book on our blog.

Jennifer Cook. Nancy Thomason. Of course, these women are legends. They knew Mary Kay Ash better than just about anyone else at the Company. Jennifer worked side-by-side with Mary Kay for years. And Nancy provided Mary Kay Ash's executive protection for 21 years! I always love visiting with Jennifer and Nancy. I'm guaranteed to learn something new, hear some great stories and laugh a lot.

I wish I could tell you about every amazing woman I met during those seven hours. Just please know that your smiles encouraged me, your questions gave me a chance to learn, and your suggestions will make the Foundation better.

Who are your treasures from Seminar 2016?

Stacy Graves is contributing editor of The Mary Kay Foundation℠ blog and loves every minute of it! You can connect with her at stacy.graves@me.com, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest.