Mary Kay Ash Liked It Hot!

05-05-2016 10:08 AM

Nancy Thomason Tells How!

As people celebrate Cinco de Mayo today, we thought it would be fun to bring you stories of how Mary Kay Ash loved her Mexican food.

Texas Gunpowder. Yes, Mary Kay liked her food hot and spicy! In her purse, she carried a bottle of Texas Gunpowder, which is ground up jalapeño peppers. She would sprinkle it liberally on her food when it wasn't hot enough! According to its website, Texas GunPowder has a spicy-sweet flavor with a real bang equal to 5,000 scoville units (a heat measurement index). She even had an Habanero bottle when she needed an extra kick! According to the website, it's equal to 200,000 scoville units!

The Wednesday Special. One of Mary Kay Ash's favorite places to eat was El Fenix, a Dallas legend since 1918. Mary Kay was dear friends with Irene Martinez Garcia, the oldest child of the founders of El Fenix restaurants. Most Wednesday nights, Mary Kay went to the El Fenix near her home and ordered the Cheese Enchilada Special, which was $1 off regular price on Wednesdays. The special consisted of two cheese enchiladas, refried beans and rice. She would add a cup of tortilla soup and iced tea. You can still find the Wednesday special at most locations!

Popping Peppers. I was with Mary Kay for Mary Kay Mexico's first Seminar. Late one afternoon, we ate with the President of Mary Kay Mexico, his wife along with some staff at a local restaurant. The waiters brought out bowls of little peppers that looked like peas. They were the hottest peppers you can imagine. One of the vice presidents next to me advised me not to inhale while the pepper was in my mouth as my breathing would freeze for just a second. I was laughing at a joke and accidentally inhaled. And he was right! I couldn't breathe for a second or two. But we looked at Mary Kay, sitting at the head of the table, and watched her pop these peppers into her mouth like popcorn, all the while talking and laughing. Amazing!

So in every sense of the word, Mary Kay was a hot mama!

Nancy Thomason currently serves as Executive Project Specialist and Board Member for The Mary Kay Foundation.℠ She just celebrated her 35th work anniversary!