Six Fun Facts from Nancy Thomason

03-07-2016 10:01 AM

Nancy spent 21 years as Mary Kay Ash's Executive Protection Specialist. This week, she shares some of her memories from Mary Kay's favorite home -- the round house at 7246 Lupton Circle in Dallas.

  1. Mary Kay loved the round house even more than the pink mansion where she lived for five years. Perhaps in part because Mel built the home for her.

  2. Although the home is just minutes away from busy North Park Mall, the house sits like an oasis with a natural lake in the back. Mary Kay would buy day-old bread to feed the geese. In the spring, the mama geese would bring the babies to Mary Kay's swimming pool for a swim. Mary Kay would say they were learning to swim at the Disneyland water park!
  3. Avocado-green Formica topped the counters in the original kitchen, where Mary Kay loved to cook. There, she made cookies and hot spiced tea for many sales force gatherings. Later, she remodeled the kitchen in her signature pink.
  4. One of the most unique features of the Lupton house was the interior atrium with a glass dome. She entertained groups of sales force and staff often in this middle area of the home.
  5. For years, Mary Kay invited the new independent sales directors to her round home. The women loved having their pictures made in her master bath's sunken tub. The tradition became that if you didn't have your picture made in the tub, your directorship wouldn't last! I loved the golden swan faucets on the tub and sink.
  6. I was always amazed people would ask to see her closet. But she didn't mind. She kept her closet as meticulously organized as she did her business. All her suits hung together by color with the matching shoes below and purses just above. She kept her coordinating jewelry nearby each outfit.

Nancy Thomason currently serves as Executive Project Specialist and Board Member for The Mary Kay Foundation.℠ She just celebrated her 35th work anniversary!