Let's Make A Difference

12-28-2015 9:57 AM

Editor's Note: We've adapted this message from Mary Kay's original message that ran in National News Notes on January 6, 1995. As you make your resolutions for 2016, let kindness be one of them!

Let's Make A Difference

Do one random act of kindness every day!

Some wonderful person started this small tradition in San Francisco when, as she passed through a tollgate, discovered she had seven tokens and decided to give them all to the tollgate keeper. She said, "Please tell the six people behind me that a lady up ahead paid their way."

Can you imagine how startled everyone must have been in those next six cars to find that someone they didn't even know had paid their way? We live today in such a violent world with so many terrible acts being committed daily that acts such as this are totally unexpected. We need to try to change this. We now have more than 375,000* members of the Mary Kay family. Just think what would happen if we all did some random act of kindness every day!

The act of kindness could be putting two extra quarters in the tollbooth for a stranger in the car behind you or holding the door at the shopping mall for someone whose arms are filled with a baby or packages.

The word about this is traveling throughout our country. The official Random Acts of Kindness Week is in February. What a wonderful week that will be! Let's start now though. We don't have to wait until February. Will you join me becoming a member of our Act of Kindness challenge? Pledge that every day YOU will do one random act of kindness for someone.

Remember that all we send into the lives of others does indeed come back into our own. God bless you. I love you.

*Mary Kay Inc. currently has 3.5 million independent sales force members worldwide.