God Works in Mysterious Ways

12-14-2015 10:04 AM

One of my favorite stories concerns the weaving of a Persian rug. While it is being woven, a Persian rug is stretched on a large vertical rack. The master weaver stands on one side while his helpers do the actual weaving on the other side.

All day the helpers stand in their positions as the master weaver, the artist, gives the directions for weaving while they pull the wool and yarn. Occasionally, when a mistake is made, the master weaver doesn't necessarily undo the error. Depending upon his skill, he creates a new pattern around it. Often, the new pattern is more beautiful than the original.

At the end of the day, the helpers go around to the master weaver's side where they can see, for the first time, the pattern they have woven instead of just the strands and ends of yarn that they saw all day.

So it is with life. We go along from day to day like those helpers, doing the weaving and seeing only the bits and strings of life's yarn. But on the other side is the master weaver, God, who knows full well the beauty that will emerge from His creation.

He has a plan for your life and for mine. Only when we thwart His plans do things go wrong. To be in tune with God is one of our greatest gifts. Through prayer and meditation, you can have revealed to you the master plan for your life.

Many times events occur that we as human beings feel are catastrophic. Yet in retrospect, we see that it was all for the best, no matter how dark it seemed at the time. We've all had experiences like this. However, it's important to remember that God, the master weaver, is in control.

Here's a beautiful poem that seems to say it all.