My Holiday Wish

11-30-2015 9:47 AM

Editor's Note: Today, we're bringing you Mary Kay's original birthday wish message that she sent many years ago. Our holiday e-cards are inspired by this sentiment.

So check back on Thursday when you'll learn about a way to spread holiday cheer through our e-cards and make a donation to The Mary Kay Foundation.℠

Even though e-cards didn't exist at the time Mary Kay originally wrote this, we think she would have loved them! The entire process only takes you a couple of minutes. That's at least 30 minutes saved compared to the old way of writing a check and then remembering to drop it off at the post office.

My Birthday Holiday Wish

By Mary Kay Ash

It has often been said that all you send into the lives of others comes back into your own. Nearly every day we hear of yet another person in our Mary Kay family who has been stricken with that dreaded disease – CANCER. We know that the only hope we have is RESEARCH until a cure can be found.

Since research is so expensive and requires constant funding, instead of sending me a birthday card this year, please consider writing a check to cancer research for whatever amount you would have spent on a card. You could not find a better way to make me happy on my birthday!