Happy Thanksgiving!

11-23-2015 10:04 AM

Editor's Note: Enjoy this article that ran 50 years ago today on Nov. 23, 1965. You'll enjoy seeing how things can change in three decades! Keep in mind, Mary Kay Inc. was only three years old when Mary Kay Ash wrote this.

Every day is Thanksgiving Day here at Mary Kay Inc.! We have so many blessings to be thankful for —nearly 1,000 wonderful, enthusiastic Beauty Consultants who continue to amaze us week after week with your marvelous sales! Just for fun, I checked back to this week a year ago, and you exceeded the sales of that week by more than $30,000!

We are now represented in 28 states, and each day we get applications from everywhere! At this time next year, we probably will have representation in every state. For all of this, we are so very grateful!

It was just slightly more than a year ago that we moved into our beautiful new building at 1220 Majesty Drive. What a giant step that was! It was intended for five years of expansion, and it looked like Grand Canyon to us. We were sure we could never fill those two huge warehouse spaces -- much less those massive conference rooms. Now -- the warehouse is absolutely bulging, and we have 14 meetings a week in those conference rooms! For several months, we have been searching for land to build again. Let's hope next Thanksgiving finds us in another new home!

Last year in November, we introduced Mr. K. Little did we know that in 1965, every major cosmetic company in America would be working on a men's cosmetic line. And today, more men than you can imagine (they won't talk!) are devotees of Mr. K!!

Anna Arnold was my secretary at this time last year, and we finished the newsletter describing Mr. K with — "Yours for more handsome men." I added a P.S.: Start looking for a handsome widower for me! And Anna added a P.P.S.: Me too! Anna is now the very happily Mrs. Fred Kendall. And as most of you know, on Dec. 6, I am to be married to a very wonderful man, Mel Ash. So you see — God answers all our prayers!

We are so humbly thankful for the bountiful blessings God has given us, and I hope you will join me in this prayer:

"O thou who has endowed us with so many gifts —now grant to us just one gift more —a grateful heart."

You are invited to the wedding if you would like to come. First Presbyterian Chapel, Harwood St. and Wood St. at 7:30 p.m. , Monday evening, Dec. 6. Reception following at this church.