Mary Kay's Message on Cancer

10-19-2015 10:00 AM

October is breast cancer awareness month. These thoughts were taken from Mary Kay Ash's Seminar message in 1991.

Each one of us probably knows someone who has lost a beloved family member or dear friend to some form of cancer. Almost never a day passes that I don't get an agonizing phone call from someone telling me that they or some member of their family has just been diagnosed with this dreaded disease.

As women, we face cancer in one of its most deadly forms -- breast cancer. Each year, we lose some of our beautiful Mary Kay sisters to this awful disease.

We always somehow think this will be someone else, not us. But unfortunately, it does come home. So we must educate ourselves. We can learn breast self-examination because early detection is key to survival. Take the time to get your mammograms too.

Cancer is not something that happens to somebody else. Please don't let it happen to you. Learn how to examine your breasts.

And there's something else you can do for yourself and others. You can contribute to the research that will put an end to this disease one day. We hope soon.

If each person just gave $5, it would add up to a tremendous contribution that might save some of our lives.

Please be generous The dollar you give could save a life. God bless you.

Come back on Thursday for our blog on cancer resources available from The Mary Kay Foundation℠ including how to do a self exam.