Spreading the Word -- Old-School Style!

09-28-2015 10:11 AM

In the start-up years, Mary Kay Ash didn't spend a lot of money on advertising. She believed in sharing information informally and personally. Usually through a phone call or meeting. Enjoy these excerpts from her speeches.

Then, join us on Thursday to see how The Mary Kay Foundation℠ keeps this same spirit but communicates in a new-school way!

The Three-foot Rule
Mary Kay Ash explained the three-foot rule: When any woman comes within three feet of you, ask her – "Have you heard the Mary Kay story?" If she says, "Yes," tell her again. If she says "No," tell her. No matter what she says, tell her the story. You never know when a little spark will light a fire. (Canadian Leadership Conference 1993 Speech)

Tell A Woman
There is an old adage that says, “Telegraph, telephone, and tell a woman.” We have women throughout the United States who are as loyal and enthusiastic about our products as possible for anyone to become. These women do an excellent job of going out “beating the bushes” in every direction for business and, therefore, advertising the product. However, we do support them by having occasional ads in national magazines, like Vogue and some of the better beauty magazines. Most of this is corporate-image advertising only. It is not meant to sell the product at all, only to give us corporate identity. (Lecture to Northeast Missouri State University 1978)