Mary Kay on Family

08-17-2015 10:07 AM

Editor's note: As summer ends and my boys go back to school, I'm feeling time slip away. Instead of spending the entire day with them, I'll just get a few hours after school and before bed. I want to make the most of that time. When I saw these gems from Mary Kay Ash, I felt encouraged and empowered. I hope you do too! Even if you don't have children going back to school, share them with someone who does! XO, Stacy

7 Lessons from Mary Kay: You Can Have it All 1997 Calendar

1.  Take time to care for yourself. Chronic stress not only takes the joy out of your life, it's harmful to your health. When your husband and children are sick, you are the one who takes care of them, but what will happen if you become ill? Who will take care of you?

2.  Believe in your children and tell them so. When children know their mothers believe in them, they develop self-confidence. If a parent repeatedly tells a child that he’s shy, he’s stupid, he’s mean, or he’s going to grow up to be a bank robber, he’ll probably develop that quality or bring that vision to pass.

3.  Teach by example. Your children may not remember what you say, but they will remember how you act. Children pick up so many bad messages outside the family - including from your TV set - that it’s up to you as a parent to model correct values for them. Never assume that these values will be taught to them somewhere else.

4.  Faith and family first. When you make God and family your priorities, ahead of your career, you will be a positive role model for your children.

5.  Do something you enjoy. Many times when you give your self-esteem a boost, you do the same for your family’s morale. One friend of mine went back to school for her master’s degree after her children left the nest. Her achievement is now a source of lively conversation at family get-togethers. Another mother with three grown sons began taking art classes after work. Her enthusiasm for this new endeavor has helped her family to view her in a different light.

6.  Involve your husband and your children in your dream. Tell them of your desires. Let them be a part of your aspirations. I did this with my children. Even when they were very young, they worked with me to make “our” dream come true.

7.  Make your family a priority. Now that women are able to pursue fulfilling careers, we must figure out how to remain good wives and good mothers while triumphing in the workplace. To prosper in your career and spend sufficient time with your husband and children, you must prioritize. The challenge of juggling all our roles is a significant one, but one that brings with it many rewards.