Getting cheeky: Top three blush tips

07-23-2015 10:19 AM

This post will help bring balance to your face. Whether you are undergoing changes in the skin due to chemo and radiation, or just want a more polished look, we are going to brush-up on blush.

  • Get centered:
    The placement of blush can be a lot like real estate, it's all about location, location, location!

    • Look at your face in the mirror and take the handle of your blush brush. Place it horizontally in the center of your face with the end of the handle halfway between your ears and nose. If you are in the center, you will notice that the handle of the brush balances with the eyes the center of the face and the chin.

    • Now take that brush handle and move it up an inch. Notice that the balance is thrown off? Now turn to the side with the handle too high - you will notice you have the appearance of an extra jowl!

    • Move it back down to the center: more balance, less jowl.
      Keep it centered and you will have champion cheeks.

  • Color Query:
    Placement is important, and so is color selection. This is where I like to mix it up a bit, so let’s play with a couple favorite colors.

    • First, let’s build a neutral base. Choose the color that you would have if you blushed. For most of us, this is a pinky brown with intensity varying depending on skin tone. Using that color, we’ll apply to our newly appointed youthful location.

    • Take a little and swipe it on either side of the forehead, over each brow. This will add some balance and dimension to the face.

    • Now you may find this is all you want. But, if it’s color you crave, take a pop of your favorite color and just go over top of the neutral base right in the center of the cheek. Keep the intense color localized to the center of the neutral cheek rather than on the forehead. This will help bring balance and look more natural than using intense colors.

    • If you want full glam, go all the way! Take a little shimmer product just at the top of cheek bones. When you turn into the light this will showcase the cheek bone.

  • Keep it Clean:
    Be kind to the brushes that you place on you face. If you have enough makeup stored up in your brush to do an emergency application (you know what I mean!) then it may be time to give it a good cleaning. Bacteria can grow on your brushes and the product can cause the brushes hairs to break off.

    • Take a little of your favorite shampoo and make a cup with your hand. Start some warm water and massage the brush gently back and forth under the water.

    • Rinse well and add a little conditioner.

    • Rinse again, squeeze out excess water and let it dry flat.

If you are going through cancer treatment, you may experience skin dryness. Try the above tips with a cream blush, instead of powder. This will give you some added color and moisture, while giving the eyes a rest.

Jeanna Doyle holds a master’s license in cosmetology and is a certified medical aesthetician and clinical oncology esthetician. She’s led an impressive career in medical, fashion and advertising. Most recently, she’s the founder of SuiteHOPE (Helping Oncology Patients Esthetically). She has also developed The HOPE Method, a training curriculum for providing corrective makeup on cancer patients. This is the first course of its kind approved by the International Society of Oncology Estheticians. Jeanna is also a frequent contributor to the Cancer Knowledge Network as a corrective makeup expert.