Pencil Me In

07-09-2015 10:03 AM

If your lipstick won't stay put or needs a little defining, here are some great ways to perfect your pucker.

For many of us, a well-defined lip line is a part of our daily routine. For women undergoing cancer treatment, this can help add balance to a face where eyebrows and eyelashes are thinning or shedding due to treatment. Whatever your reason may be, here are three great tips for a lasting impression.


Staying power:
To keep your lips lasting longer, use a pencil to fill in the entire lip - creating a nice stain or base for lipstick. To add dimension, opt for a slightly more neutral color as a base then go over it with a blast of color. For added benefit, use a lighter, slightly iridescent color right in the center of the lip. This will give your lips a fuller look.


Outside the lines:
Once filled-in, it’s time to sharpen up the lip line. Take a concealer brush and some foundation and draw a bit on the outside of the lip, adding strength to the shape of the mouth. Be sure to feather the edges by blending nicely.


Powder your pout:
Once you have penciled over the entire lip and you have drawn the outer edges of the lip with foundation, you can now add a little powder. Take a little loose powder with the corner of your sponge or a small brush and apply around the outside of the lip. This will create a little barrier against lipstick bleeding.

Dust away the excess and voilà! A killer kisser!

Jeanna Doyle holds a master’s license in cosmetology and is a certified medical aesthetician and clinical oncology esthetician. She’s led an impressive career in medical, fashion and advertising. Most recently, she’s the founder of SuiteHOPE (Helping Oncology Patients Esthetically). She has also developed The HOPE Method, a training curriculum for providing corrective makeup on cancer patients. This is the first course of its kind approved by the International Society of Oncology Estheticians. Jeanna is also a frequent contributor to the Cancer Knowledge Network as a corrective makeup expert.