Tip or Skip? Top 7 Beauty Tricks for Cancer Patients!

05-14-2015 9:37 AM

Whether it’s a tip or something you can skip, this list will save time, energy and money.

This is a special segment for women in treatment for cancer with tips that may also benefit your family and friends. I have compiled some of my favorite time-saving advice to help reserve energy with some great tips for a quick, polished look.

TIP: Don’t believe everything you see.

The changes that can take place in your appearance can come on quite suddenly and be very dramatic. Remember, we are seldom the best judges of our own beauty. Take a tip and skip the judgment. Look to a loved one to see the reflection of how beautiful and unique you truly are.

SKIP: Standing room only.

If you are feeling extra fatigued, bring a chair into your makeup area. You can also brush your teeth sitting down. So skip standing! Hey, it’s your bathroom. Reserve your energy for your favorite activity, like a relaxing walk.

TIP: Dimmer the shimmer.

With the loss or shedding of eyelashes, a natural barrier for dust or particles, the eyes can be particularly vulnerable to shimmery products. Opt instead for a nice matte color for a comfortable and classic look.

SKIP: The dry rub.

Opt instead for my friend Terry: try a terry cloth robe in your bathroom instead drying off with a towel. The dryness you may be experiencing at this time will benefit from the hug of a robe instead of the tug of a towel. Once out to the shower or bath, sit on the chair you brought in to the make up room. Put on your favorite moisturizer and wrap up in a nice robe. You will be warm enough and will dry naturally.

TIP: Pucker with pride.

With the loss or shedding of eyelashes it’s a great time to add a blast of color to the mouth. This will offer some much needed moisture, with the added bonus of a bright, cheery color that brings balance to the face.

SKIP: Covering all the bases.

Let’s face it: we can all get into the beauty autopilot zone. You can skip putting makeup everywhere and opt instead for a couple swipes of color where it counts. Try a little few drops of foundation and just hit the highlights. A couple dots of crème blush and a well-chosen lipstick just might do the trick.

TIP: Heads up.

A well-chosen moisturizer is your friend. Use moisturizer liberally. And don’t forget your head. With hair loss you can treat the skin on your head to help relieve dryness or tightness, so add some of your favorite moisturizer. You may find patting is more comforting than rubbing.

Jeanna Doyle holds a master’s license in cosmetology and is a certified medical aesthetician and clinical oncology esthetician. She’s led an impressive career in medical, fashion and advertising. Most recently, she’s the founder of SuiteHOPE (Helping Oncology Patients Esthetically). She has also developed The HOPE Method, a training curriculum for providing corrective makeup on cancer patients. This is the first course of its kind approved by the International Society of Oncology Estheticians. Jeanna is also a frequent contributor to the Cancer Knowledge Network as a corrective makeup expert.