27 Ways You Can Team Up!

03-19-2015 10:10 AM

Beginning April 1 (no fooling around), we’re asking everyone to join with us to raise money for The Mary Kay Foundation℠.

You might be an Independent Beauty Consultant. Or you could be a consumer. Perhaps you’re a friend, husband, sister, mother or cousin of someone with cancer.

Even if you don’t know the difference between The Mary Kay Foundation℠ and Mary Kay® Mineral Powder Foundation, you can help raise money for women’s cancers and to put an end to domestic violence!

First, create and register your team. It could be your Sunday School class, bridge group, fitness buddies, coworkers or your family! Your team doesn't need to be big to do mighty things! Take a look at these easy and fun ways to raise money. Then, let us know what you’ll be doing!

  1. Honor. Create your own Team Up donation page in memorial or tribute to someone you know. We’ll walk you through each step. Then, you can send the link to your friends who can donate through the page you create.

  2. Piggy Bank. Display in a prominent location at home or in your office, and ask people to donate any spare change.

  3. Clean Up with a neighborhood car wash. You can make it a flat donation or charge extra for services like vacuuming or detailing.

  4. Dress Casual. In return for a donation, employees can dress down on a specific day.

  5. Front Row Parking. Auction off a prime parking place at work.

  6. Dine In. Ask everyone on your team to bring their lunch to work one day and donate the money they would have spent on eating out.

  7. Boss Challenge. Get the boss to agree that if every team member donates a certain amount, he or she will dress up like a pig, shave her head, get a pie in the face, etc. Need incentive, read Cassandra Yates’ story.

  8. Resell. Clean out your closets, attics, garages and basements. Either hold a garage sale or sell to a resale shop. Donate the proceeds.

  9. Fun fitness. Host a Zumba® fundraiser. Try to find a free location and an instructor who will donate his or her time. Then, charge an entrance fee, and let the party begin! Zumba® enthusiasts will come!

  10. Parent’s Night Out. Pizza and a movie work great for school-aged children. Set up game tables for those who may lose interest in the movie.

  11. Flower or Herb Baskets. Nothing says spring like plants! Package bulbs or small herb plants in pretty containers and sell for a small donation.

  12. Easter Baskets. With dollar store finds, you can create fun Easter baskets for boys and girls. The Easter Bunny never had it so good! (And busy parents will thank you too!)

  13. Bake Sales. It doesn't really matter if the goods are bought or baked. Serve them up at a prime location like the office or school cafeteria, and watch the treats disappear. Be sure to get permission wherever you plan to sell.

  14. Oh Boy! Get your sons and their friends involved! Most boys love Nerf guns and are stocked with at least one and plenty of ammo. Ask the guys to bring their guns. Then, you provide the safety goggles (about $3 a pair or less), a wide open space and snacks!

  15. Girly Girls! Let your daughter host a girl’s night out for her friends. Depending on their age and interest, this could range from a make-your-own ice cream sundae party to a spa night with mini manis and pedis.

  16. Eat Out Night. Contact local restaurants. Many will donate a percentage of profits for one night to your organization. This works especially well on weeknights when restaurant crowds are down.

  17. Food fight! Parents, want to give kids a good time and raise money? Let them pay money to throw food at you! You can choose their weapons. Squirt mustard? Pudding? Jello?

  18. B-I-N-G-O! Host a classic bingo night. Get prizes donated, and sell admission tickets. Churches, schools or community centers might be willing to donate space.

  19. Ballpark Snacks. If you've ever been to a ball field without a snack bar, you know how valuable this could be. Set up your cooler with a sign that tells your prices, items and that all proceeds will be donated to The Mary Kay Foundation℠.

  20. Art Night. Contact a local artist to lead everyone in a painting class. Try getting the instructor, canvases and paint donated. Then, charge an admission fee. Otherwise, set your fee high enough to cover your costs.

  21. Tech Help. If you’re a techie, offer your services to those lacking. We are in abundance! Chances are, you know someone who is putting off setting up their Internet TV, burning a DVD, uploading videos, scanning photos or creating an Instagram account. Sometimes we’re too embarrassed to ask for help. Just put the invitation out, and we’ll jump at the offer.

  22. Kids Art Show. Have students produce great works of art and display them. Invite parents and friends to buy their masterpieces.

  23. Pet Pageant. Who doesn't love a cute dog? Or cat? Or pig? Charge an entrance fee, and let patrons put their beauties on display. Award prizes for appearance, talent and personality!

  24. Relax. Enlist the help of a local massage therapist. Set up a chair at your business, and let staffers or customers pay a fee for a five-minute massage.

  25. Easter Photos. Whether you offer live bunnies, the Easter Bunny or just a great background, parents love photographs of their kids all dressed in their Easter best. You don’t even have to use a professional photographer. Many amateurs are quite good and will volunteer their services.

  26. Snow Cones. Even better than a lemonade stand.

  27. Full Service. Bring old-fashioned service back. Contact one of your local gas stations and see if they will let you offer full-service gas in one lane of pumps. Charge a flat fee for pumping the gas, checking the tires and washing the windshield. If you really know what you’re doing, go ahead and check the oil too!