How Do You Spread Warm Fuzzies?

02-02-2015 10:03 AM

This story goes back to 1974 when Mary Kay first heard the message of the Warm Fuzzies from Independent National Sales Director Emeritus Helen Reiners. Mary Kay loved the message so much that she made this part of her Seminar speech that year. The Warm Fuzzies are symbolic of the warmth and kindness Mary Kay Ash felt her independent sales force and employees could spread throughout the world.

Our Warm Fuzzy fairytale took place in a hidden valley populated with happy people. They didn't have internet, cell phones, tablets, golf courses or fast food. They didn't know they needed things to be happy.

Yet the people of this happy valley were happy. They simply cared about each other. Each time they met, they gave each other Warm Fuzzies to show each other they cared.

One day, a wicked old witch flew over the happy valley and saw the people hugging and kissing each other.

“How ridiculous!” she thought. “I’ll go down and show those people how to be like the rest of the world.”

So she flew down and started a rumor that there was going to be a shortage of Warm Fuzzies.

So the people went home and hid their Warm Fuzzies in dark closets and began to avoid each other, so they wouldn't have to give their Warm Fuzzies away. Soon, the people began to mistrust each other. Fear, hate and loneliness came to the valley for the first time.

The fuzziless months turned into years. Soon, happy valley became just like the rest of the world. They gave coffee grinders and espresso machines for wedding gifts instead of Warm Fuzzies.

Then, one day, a great grandmother told her great grandchildren about the good ole days when everybody loved each other and gave each other Warm Fuzzies. The children got so excited that they hunted up the few old Warm Fuzzies they could find. They began to give them to each other. When Warm Fuzzies are given away, they multiply.

Then the adults saw how happy the children were and begin exchanging Warm Fuzzies. Soon, the valley returned to its original state where people loved and cared about each other.

We’d like to invite you to help us change the world.

You may not have a pink Warm Fuzzy to give away. But you certainly can give away what it represents – kindness, honesty, respect and love. Together, we can change the world.

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