Let’s Celebrate Christmas All Year!

12-23-2014 10:17 AM

During this Christmas week, we bring you one of Mary Kay’s messages from the archives. This excerpt is from Applause® Magazine, December 1988. Merry Christmas!

What if, for 12 months of the year, every heart was filled with the warm, generous peace-on-earth, goodwill-toward-men feeling that most of us experience in the few days before Christmas? Imagine the wondrous changes that could be wrought in this old world of ours!

During this time, Christmas carols and hymns are heard throughout the day. They fill our very souls with tenderness and love, and they make our hearts overflow with kindness. We’re more generous than at any other time of the year, and we’re kinder, more charitable toward others.

For those few days before Christmas, almost everyone performs wonderfully impulsive acts – acts not dictated by calculated judgment, but rather by the heart.

I firmly believe that all we send into the lives of others does indeed come back into our own. I also believe that Christmas is that wondrous time of year when each of us renews our faith that a better world is still possible.

By trying to live Christmas 12 months a year, we CAN make this world a better place to live – for others and for ourselves.