Hope Changes Everything

12-16-2014 10:22 AM

We are so proud to link you to Danny Gokey’s No. 1 hit single and video this week, Hope In Front of Me.

Did you know that the first scene of the video represents domestic violence?

Listen close. You’ll hear the angry knock and see the frightened pregnant wife.

By the way, according to the University of California San Francisco, violence is more common than any other health problem during pregnancy.

I love Danny’s timeless inspirational message in this song. I think it fits our mission so perfectly. The Mary Kay Foundation works all year to give hope to cancer victims and those experiencing domestic violence.

If you know Danny’s story, you know that he is a survivor. He appeared on American Idol just weeks after his first wife, Sophia, died. Now he’s using his success to spread the message of hope and faith. I hope you’ll share this week’s post with someone you know who needs encouragement and hope.

Stacy Graves is Contributing Editor of The Mary Kay Foundation blog. She loves spreading the word about her favorite things whether it’s Christian music or The Mary Kay Foundation. It’s even more fun when she can combine the two!